June wrap up!

Hello, July!

It’s hard to believe we’re already a week in, and I’ve got about six weeks until my eldest returns to school.  Last year at this time, my husband deployed for 7 months, so we are happy to have him around this summer and planning a few more things to do before it ends.  The heat index has not been outdoor activity friendly — unless you are relaxing on a raft — but that is southern living.  Everyone creeps out of their houses at 7pm to garden, mow, and get their exercise in.  There is a photography scavenger hunt that I’ve been trying to participate in, but doing some of those outdoor activities in 103 degree weather is nice in theory.  Once I step outside, it takes 5 seconds for my camera lens to fog up (inside and outside glass) and then I can’t use it for an hour until the condensation disappears.

But on to better things!  That is, our June adventures in photos.  It began with a trip to Virginia Beach, one of our old stomping grounds.  It was a family trip with cousins the boys don’t get to see often, and was really, really fun.  You know, one of those slap-in-the-face reminders that we need to take weekend trips more often with the boys.   I realized that even more once I went through the photos and saw the pure joy in the kids’ faces.  Sometimes you really need that emotion frozen to recognize its importance, even when you have a ridiculous amount of plans/events/obligations on your plate.

After a seven hour drive, my boys wanted to visit the ocean immediately.  “You don’t have swimming trunks on.  Don’t go in all the way,” I said.  “Okay, that’s far enough!” I said.   I forgave him after seeing his pure grin.


It was even more fun once we were swim equipped:


I even woke up at 5am to catch the sunset on an almost empty beach.  On vacation.  I’m anticipating “real photographer” badge to arrive in the mail any day now.  That’s a thing, right?


Two weeks later, it was off to Grand Rapids, MI, to visit my sister and meet my beautiful niece!  I went solo for this trip, and yes, that was a special treat.  This is my youngest sister, and not only is she a wonderful host, she is the best mom.  It was really fun to spend time with her and laugh (and laugh and laugh) — even about the less-than-luxurious parts of motherhood.


I was hardly settled back at home before we were rolling out of June and into July.  I’m going to indulge myself and share a couple of recent favorites.

My youngest, trying to tuck Blackeyed Susans into his pocket.  (They are a hardy plant, I put it in a vase and it is only just starting to wilt now.)  I made my husband promise not to mow them down because I love them so  much.


4th of July.  At this rate, the next photograph you may see here will be of him with a loaded backpack, ready for the first day of school.  Where did those endless days of summer disappear to?!juneblog-1-5

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