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Welcome!  I’m Larissa:  boy mom, military wife, family documentarian and portrait photographer, serving the greater Charleston area.  I’ve lived here ten years now, and while I adore the plantations and Charleston, I am going to admit to you now, my daily life more closely resembles Swamp Life than Southern Belle. 

I’ve been a photographer for about five years, but stepped into the professional business (licensed & insured) two years ago.  I use both natural and artificial light, though I am not a studio photographer.  I’m a member of Professional Photographers of America. a Click Pro at Click & Co., and a contributor to Offset stock imagery.  If you check out the links below, you can see some of my daily work.

My mom was a terrific documentarian for our family.  My sisters and I have albums full of images of our childhood.  That is one of the biggest gifts I can think of to give someone; it’s also the reason I strive to give you real, candid photos.  Sure, in an image-heavy social media world, we like things to be beautiful and flattering, but I also want to give you the “extra” - the stuff your future generations will use to figure out what kind of person you were, and not just who they inherited their wild hair from. 

What does togetherness look like to you?  I am SO ready to help you find out.

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